IndieVolume and Windows Kernel Sounds

Note, this is outdated, will be updated soon

As experienced Windows user you may know there is a functionality in Windows allowing you customize sounds that are played when certain program events occur, likewise program error, emptying recycle bin, minimizing/maximing windows, etc. To experience it, please go to Control Panel, then go to Sounds and Audio Devices applet, then go to Sounds tab...

You will see list of programs, and list of events they omit, that can be assigned a sound to be played.

You can configure IndieVolume for applications found in that list, and IndieVolume will handle sounds for that applications ok. The only exception are system-wide Windows sounds, likewise window minimize/maximize, error message box ding, windows logoff sound, etc. If you will configure IndieVolume for Windows Explorer, IndieVolume will not handle these system-wide sounds, because they are not played by Explorer.EXE, but rather by hidden system application called WinLogon.EXE.

Explorer.EXE plays only recycle bin emptying sound, navigation start sound, etc, and WinLogon.EXE plays system-wide Windows sounds, that only appear to be played by Explorer.EXE.

To ensure this, go to Task Manager (click Control+Shift+Escape), go to Processes tab, find explorer.exe process and click End Process button -- you still will hear windows minimize/maximize sounds, despite there will be no Explorer.EXE launched -- so these sounds are really played by some other program, which is WinLogon.EXE.

WinLogon.EXE is a root system application, hosting window kernel, it is being launched as the first process, when you computer starts, and it displays logon window, when nobody is logged on the computer.

IndieVolume starting version 1.2 supports handling sounds inside WinLogon.EXE, but since WinLogon.EXE is a root system application, you need to have administrative privileges in order to configure IndieVolume for WinLogon.EXE.

To configure IndieVolume for system-wide sounds, please go to IndieVolume Control Panel, click Add button, find application named Windows (this is name of WinLogon.EXE), and click Ok.

To configure IndieVolume for recycle bin emptying sounds, etc, please add Windows Explorer application instead.

Windows Me does not have WinLogon.EXE - it is not possible to configure IndieVolume for system-wide sounds.