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...doesnt work on win7 not

...doesnt work on win7

not even wmp cares if i checked "handled"


Win 7 64 support is essential and mandatory.

It's a shame for me, can't buy this little jewel until you do it.

For a killer application:

- VST support per assign.
- Routing any assign by LAN (tcp/ip) to another Indievolume, and into this, then assign to a audio stream.


I think you should know that

I think you should know that pretty much the only people who need this are media geeks and gamers. Media geeks and gamers almost always use 64 bit software.


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Gamer? No.. not really.

Most games do not support 64bit processing. WoW didn't for a long time and stated why - the "improvement" gained wasn't worth it (even now that technology has moved forward by leaps and bounds since the initial release of the 64bit processors, there's only a 15% improvement over using a 32bit processor). A 32 bit program -can- access more than 4GB of ram (which implies a 64bit system), and many "64bit" games simply "flip the switch" that allows this (for example, Skyrim).